Writer’s Block Strikes Again!

Bang Head WallYou can’t see it coming. It just hits you when you least expect it to. It dominates everything that your mind comes up with, promptly labeling each idea as junk. It brings sleepless nights where you keep thinking of something to write about. But nothing ever seems to meet the seemingly high standards you’ve set for yourself.

Yes, it’s that niggling little thing that has cost many writers their sanity and a fistful of hair.The dreaded beast known as ‘Writer’s Block’.

As if me being a lazy sloth wasn’t enough, this annoying little thing keeps popping up every now and then, resulting in the awfully small number of posts I have on this blog. Since the past few days, I’ve had a few ideas, but none of them seemed to be up to scratch. So I finally decided that coming up with a post that seems to be totally absurd, useless and a waste of server space and bandwidth, is the way to overcome this situation.

Yes, it is a wacky idea and makes me look like a complete crackpot (the blog’s name is a dead giveaway). But heck, if it works I’ll be back in business in no time!

Whoa! I’m feeling better already! Now where’s that pencil? 😛