‘Blog’ Fails Spellcheck!

The word ‘blog’ may not have been in Ye Olde English, but surely you’d expect at least WordPress’ spellchecker to recognize the word, wouldn’t you?


Ah, the irony of it all. 😉


A New Direction

I’ve been on a holiday. Not the one involving the sun, sand and sardines but a holiday of a different kind. And during this time, the blog has been neglected… again.

You see, I’m not a born writer nor do I have a penchant for churning out paragraphs after paragraphs. The blog, as it stands, is as good as dead. Content is the key to online publishing and that is exactly what I can’t seem to come up with these days. Ideas that pop up in my mind are shelved for one reason or another. Some ideas are considered to be not good enough, some seem to be out-dated and some are plain daft.

Maybe I need to steer my mind into a completely different direction, change the entire structure of thinking, add new categories to write on. Let’s see what I can come up with. 😛