Happy New Year!


Well whaddaya know! It’s almost 2009!

It’s time once again to step into another year with renewed enthusiasm, fresh hopes and new resolutions. But make sure to clean up all the broken promises, shattered dreams and other not-so-good things that might have happened to you in 2008. Always start a new year with a clean slate! That said, enjoy the festivities and have fun.

I’m off to stuff myself with some of the delicacies in the refrigerator. 😉

Happy New Year everyone!! 🙂


Justice Is Served!

They say that the customer is king, but hardly do we see him being treated as one. Usually the smiles on the faces of dealers and salespersons are programmed to disappear as soon as you purchase a product from them. God help you if that product decides to act up one day.

However, not all consumers take it lying down. Check out this link for Koshy John’s woeful experience with the Hewlett Packard (India) customer care. Also, don’t forget to visit the forum where it all began.

Conclusive proof, that it pays to be aware of your rights as a consumer.