A Rant Against Everything

The following lines are part of a full-blown rant against anything and everything. I can’t be held responsible if it hurts your sensibilities. Also, I can’t be held responsible if you waste 30 seconds of your life on this page. So here goes:

My last post was on the 18th of November. That makes it 12+16=28 days between that one and this post. A lot of water has flown under the bridge between then and now.

Most of the things that could have gone wrong, gladly obeyed Murphy’s law and did go wrong. Some things that could have stayed right, didn’t. The recession is still on, making it harder to earn a living, let alone keep the job that you already have. IT companies have hit the brakes on recruitment of freshers, so I’m still jobless with only an offer letter and a provisional degree to show for 4 years of engineering. BPOs are taking full advantage of the situation and recruiting truckloads of people. After all, even in the current climate, there’s no shortage of poor souls who need assistance in turning on that new vacuum cleaner they just purchased.

The political situation in this country shows no signs of improvement. Some people can so easily fool millions of people, all at the same time. And be revered for that. Nice. I must restrain myself from discussing this any further, as I sense a steady stream of expletives about to be unleashed. In short, I’m fed up of the political system in India. It needs a complete overhaul. But what can I do? Nothing. I should have guessed.

They say – ‘Nothing is permanent except change’. Nothing’s changed here since the past few months. It feels as if I’m running around in circles. Same old, same old. Wake up, survive, go to bed. It’s all come to a point where I seem to have lost interest in a lot of things, not the least this blog. I’ve got unfinished projects, objectives and games that are crying out for my attention. But there’s only so much you can do on your computer until you just want to turn it off. For good. The less said about television, the better.

When I began this rant of mine, my mind was overflowing with things that needed to be written but now it’s empty. Not because I’ve written them all down, but because I can’t seem to remember them now!! I think I’ve become a bit senile.


So the rant is over, I guess. But I was wondering, how many others find themselves in the same situation? I’d love to know!


4 thoughts on “A Rant Against Everything

    • I’m looking for one. The idea of joining a CC crossed my mind more than once. But it’s arguably the worst torture you can subject yourself to. 😛

    • In the current climate, even having a job-offer in hand is worthless until you actually get into that company. I sure hope things improve soon. This was not what I expected to face after graduation. 😦

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