Back Again

write, pen, book

It’s time to write.

Yeah, so it didn’t quite work out like I expected.

It’s been four years since I moved my blog to a paid hosting service. In those four years, the number of posts per year didn’t reach double figures. In fact, my interaction with the blog was limited to changing the theme every few months and promising myself that I’d start writing more. I didn’t.

So this year, I finally threw in the towel and decided to come back to the place where it all started. At least now I don’t have to worry about my WordPress installation getting hacked or tinkering with themes and plugins to get them to work properly. Nope. No more excuses.

Time to get my hands dirty, conjure something interesting and bring back the five or so people who were regular visitors here. It all starts now (again). And this time it’s going to be different.

Stop laughing there, at the back.

My Debut on the Vital Football Network

Oh joy! I’ve finally made my debut on the Vital Chelsea site, a part of the Vital Football Network. 🙂

For the uninitiated, the Vital Football Network is one of the most respected football fan-sites on the Internet, which is managed by the fans themselves. It provides a platform for football fans all over the world to share their thoughts, discuss ideas and make their voices heard. I’ve been a member of this site for a long time and there were occasions when I had the urge to contribute something, but nothing materialized. In the wake of the painful defeat on Sunday, I finally made up my mind, wrote a piece and promptly dispatched it to the site editor. Over there, my moniker is ‘blueklaw’ and you can read the article here.

I must admit, the feeling of seeing my work published was amazing!

Yay!! 😀

Life Update!

It’s been 10 days since my last post, so it’s about time I took notice and did the needful. Let me tell you, there’s a lot that I can moan about right now, but being the level-headed, calm and thoughtful person that I am (stop sniggering there at the back), I’ve decided to just write a simple post that would remind the world that this blog ain’t dead. Yet.

The year started on a good note but things have soured just a little bit in the past few days. I’ve been too busy sorting out my real life this year, so the blog hasn’t received attention at all. Not a happy new year for the blog so far, then. 😉

My career path has taken a whole lot of twists and turns before I’ve even stepped out of my house. But at least I’ve been able to narrow down my choices, willingly or otherwise. Life’s definitely not fair. But like uncle Billy G. said, ‘Get used to it’. 😦

Anyways, today is the big match between Manchester United and Chelsea, so at least that will keep my mind occupied. And so will the light-hearted (not always) banter that usually follows a game of such magnitude. I’ll expect a more mature discussion with rival fans than the one that took place last time, which turned into a full-blown name-calling session.

Like I said, I’ve got a lot of things to sort out and get back on track. So I guess this will have to do for now.

Cheers everyone! 🙂

Happy New Year!


Well whaddaya know! It’s almost 2009!

It’s time once again to step into another year with renewed enthusiasm, fresh hopes and new resolutions. But make sure to clean up all the broken promises, shattered dreams and other not-so-good things that might have happened to you in 2008. Always start a new year with a clean slate! That said, enjoy the festivities and have fun.

I’m off to stuff myself with some of the delicacies in the refrigerator. 😉

Happy New Year everyone!! 🙂

Writer’s Block Strikes Again!

Bang Head WallYou can’t see it coming. It just hits you when you least expect it to. It dominates everything that your mind comes up with, promptly labeling each idea as junk. It brings sleepless nights where you keep thinking of something to write about. But nothing ever seems to meet the seemingly high standards you’ve set for yourself.

Yes, it’s that niggling little thing that has cost many writers their sanity and a fistful of hair.The dreaded beast known as ‘Writer’s Block’.

As if me being a lazy sloth wasn’t enough, this annoying little thing keeps popping up every now and then, resulting in the awfully small number of posts I have on this blog. Since the past few days, I’ve had a few ideas, but none of them seemed to be up to scratch. So I finally decided that coming up with a post that seems to be totally absurd, useless and a waste of server space and bandwidth, is the way to overcome this situation.

Yes, it is a wacky idea and makes me look like a complete crackpot (the blog’s name is a dead giveaway). But heck, if it works I’ll be back in business in no time!

Whoa! I’m feeling better already! Now where’s that pencil? 😛

Spam Magnets

The amount of spam being generated all over the world shows no sign of going down. If I had access to the stats, I’d be able to tell you that [a very large number under 100] % of all mail is spam. Okay, so I do have access to the bloody stats but I’m too lazy. Now moving on, in times like these you’d think that one must follow some basic rules of the Internet. No, I’m not talking about clearing your browsing history after each session. The rule I’m talking about is – ‘You should not give out your e-mail address on public bulletin-boards, forums etc’. But do people listen? NO.

These days I’ve been wasting entirely too much time on Orkut and I must admit, if I were a spammer I’d be laughing all the way to the bank right now. On Orkut, there are babe-magnets (everyone likes to think he is one) and there are spam-magnets. Specimens of the latter can be found hiding in all sorts of places here. All you need is bait to make them come out and walk right into your trap.

The people on this particular social-networking site are not exactly the brightest bulbs on a Christmas tree. But how stupid can you get? I came across a thread in a community, saying –

‘Hey guys instead of wasting time using net why not we start earning for free using iinternet, if u are interested then scrap ur email ids i will send u the info which is needed’.

That’s the exact unedited text. And you think people will fall for that? Of course they will, silly. At the time of writing, this thread has already received 85+ replies. I’m no one to question the integrity of a person, and maybe there really is some money to be earned through this. But posting e-mail addresses in public is surely one of the dumbest things you can do on the Internet. And this is not an isolated case. There have been more. Another one was something like this –

I have yahoo password crack software. Reply your email here, i will send you’

This was also a booming success. What’s even funnier is, when someone with a sane mind tries to warn people not to reply with their e-mails, no one actually listens. After a couple of warnings, the wannabe saviour mutters a few choice expletives at the imbeciles and disappears.

So, if you’re a spammer and looking for an easy and no-risks-involved method for harvesting e-mail addresses, look no further than Orkut. Get an account, lure people with honey-coated promises of jobs, free stuff and what-not, then coax them into parting with their mail-IDs.

Easy as pie. 😉